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Helo pawb, Dan a Tom yma yn ein gwers ffrangeg, rydyn ni'n mynd i ysgrifennu blog bach am ein amser gret yn Yr Almaen,

Hello everybody, Dan and Tom here in our French lesson, we must write a blog in French about our week so here it is! Shout out to everyone in Germany including Henrik Maxi Markus Michel Giuli Henry Moritz Benni Jan Mathias and everyone else and thanks for a great week! we must come again soon to visit. More details on this soon . I especially enjoyed the Holiday Park, soccerpark and the swimming pool especially the ultra super refreshing coca cola, they were all fantastisch. Hope you all have a nice summer holiday and just think of us studying hard in school! I look forward to hearing about it. And good luck to Germany in the Euro 2012 competition, shame Wales never qulify but i'm sure the powerhouses Gomez and Neuer will take you through to win it! Tschuss

J'ai visite la piscine, holiday park et soccerpark en Allemagne, J'ai mange beaucoup de nouritture et j'ai vu un grand chateau en Heidelberg et un match de football a Soccerpark. J'ai danse dans les fontaines a Holidaypark et j'ai joue au foot a Soccerpark. J'ai ecoute de la musique a la voiture. C'etait drole! Je reviendrai bientôt à l'Allemagne car elle est si fantastique! le voyage était ennuyeux!

A bit in Latin as you learn it in school.

Visitavi stagnum, et soccerpark ferias parcum in Germania, mihi manducare Beacoup nouritture et vidi magna castrum in Heidelberg et a eu par Soccerpark. Sum saltantem in fontes Holidaypark et lusit eu habet Soccerpark. Audio musicam equis. Erat ridiculam! Ego brevi ad Germania quia est ita fantastica! iter erat amet!

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Mr P Mason said...

Bravo Daniel et Tom! Peidiwch anghofio'r acen ar yr e = é yn y gorffennol!