long one for you...

hello dear friends,
ive got to be quick and only do this in english because my germans mum needs the computer...
well today was a long tiring day to be honust!
we started the day with a long walk which was not good in this hot weather!
when we arrived at mr sieberts wine place we had some grape juice which was really nice:)
we then had a disco if you can call it a disco?:L
after that we went to this ice creeam place to watch the football and eat some ice cream,
a few of us walked down to the slush place and the man gave me a slush for free because im from wales woooooh!
My best day ahas got to be yesterday at the theme park as i went on all the fast rides,which was reallly cool then going to the soccer park and played football.,although i enjoyed the reptilium because i held a snake and a spider!
i have made such good freinds and become so much closer to peeps from y bro too!
ooohh and the other night we went to the wine festival and that was hillarious because the people there thought i was 18 and thought that it was sosososoosos funny we were from wales,and me celyn and kati danced with people on a stag doo,which was sehr lustig!
tomporrow is our last day which is upsetting because i dont want to levae we go to the the lessons which should be intresting to say the least..
not really looking forward to the long journey back to wales and back to the rain but vant wait to see my family and freinds and my penguin zoe who i have left behind in wales..
this whole expierience has been fantastic and i would like to thank all the teachers who made it possiböle!
Also a HUGE thanks to my german family who have been so nice and made me feel at home
ja thats about it made it long for you mum and dad,much love livooooooooooooo
peace guys love you all<3
ps happy birthday to moritz katis brother who is 11 tomorrow!

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