mmmm.... .gwin:D (jocian, hehe)

Heute war sehr anstrengend! Wir gingen und gingen! Und dann ging!!:D wooopwooop!D:
Heute war unsere nach Weinberg Herr Siebert reise! Ich habe nicht genießen die traubesaft! Aber ich den Wein gekauft!

Roedd heddi yn ddiwrnod blinedig iawn, ond roedd ddal yn diddorol iawn i ddysgu am sut mae'r win yn cael ei creu:D Ond yn anfodus, yr unig ffordd i ddysgu hyn oedd i cerdded ac cerdded ac cerdded tipyn bach mwy eto!! 

Today was sooo exhauting, we went to Herr Sieberts vineyard and we got to taste grape juice, well i wouldn't say it was delicious... but ya know, everbody has their own opinion:D This evening we are going to the swimming pool, (yay) with Jodi and Julia, and whoever else who choses to join us:D And then later on we have the disco (yay again) to go to:) Www, muths and daddy you shall be happy because i bought you wine:D Anywhoo babyeeeee:D



Anonymous said...

Wine...............mmmmmm!!! H.

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