Heute was sehr Spaß:D Wir gingen zu 'Holiday Park', ich gegangen mit Jodi, Julia und Lena. Die beste Fahrt war G-Force, es war sehr schnell! Nachdem wir gingen McDonnalds, yummy yummy:D

Today was loads and loads and loads of fun:D:D We went to the 'Holiday Park'(that's what they call and amusment park), I went around with Lena, Julie and Jodi all day but we did go on some of the rides with others:D Bye far the best ride was G-Force, it was sooooo fast! We also watched the water show, even though it was in German it was still good:D Afterwords we went to McDonnalds to eat(yummy) suprisingly it was quite different to the ones at home, in many ways(I'm not going to go in to detail) Anywhoo, byee people:D

Roedd heddi yn llawer o hwyl. Roedd wedi ymweld a'r 'Holiday Park', roedd wedi mynd o amgylch gyda Lena, Julie a Jodi, a weithiau pobl arall am rhai o'r reidiau! Ar ol ddiwrnod ddi-baid yn y Holiday Park aethon i McDonnalds am fwyd, ywmmi, ywmmi:D

P.s. Happy Fathers Day Daddy:D


HJE said...

what are you like. sounds like you couldn't wait to finish your blog!!! thanks again for the pressie, had a great fathers day. nice meal and lots of wine. watching football and cricket now. see you Wednesday. love u. Dad

HarrietElias said...

loves ya daddy:Dxx