Heddiw, wnes i codi am 8:15am ac cefais bara a menyn i brecwast. Ar ol hynny, aethon ni i Holiday Park. Roedd o mor hwyl, es i ar y reid mawr a'r cwch morleidion. Cafon ni pretsel i bwyta a sawl botel o Mezzo Mix. Aethon ni ar goll (panic!) ond roedden ni'n iawn yn y diwedd. Wnaethon ni gadael am 6:00pm ac aethon ni nol i ty partner Megan Burrow a gwilio teledu. Wedyn, aethon ni nol i'r ty i cael bwyd.

Today, I woke at 8:15am and had bread and butter for breakfast. After that we went to the Holiday Park. It was so fun! I went on the rollercoaster and the pirate ship. I had a pretzel to eat and many bottles of Mezzo Mix. We went lost (panic!) but we were fine in the end. We left at 6:00pm and went back to Megan Burrow's partners house. After that we went back to the house to eat dinner.

Heute, wachte ich  um 8:15am Uhr und hatte brot und butter zum frühstück. Danach gingen wir in den Holiday Park. Es war lustig! Ich ging auf der achterbahn und piratenschiff. Ich hatte eine brezel und Mezzo Mix. Wir gingen verloren (Panik!) aber am ende war alles in ordung. Wir gingen um 6:00 Uhr und gingen zu Megan Burrow's partners haus. Danach gingen wir nach hause und aßen zu aben


Anonymous said...

Hello Sioned, Ffion's Mum here (she'll kill me for commenting on all her friends blogs, won't she?), sounds like you are having a great time, carry on enjoying yourself. See you soon x

Ffion Bikram said...