Ich bin mit dem bus nach Dover und von dort mit dem schiff nach Frankreich gefahren. Wir sind um drei uhr in Grünstadt angekommen. Die busfahrt war lustig aber sehr lange! Yaren´s famillie ist sehr nett♥! Ich liebe Yaren's famillie!:) Ich bin zu Alisia mit Frankie. Ich habe mit Susi, Bethan, Jana, Ffion, Alisia, Frankie, Nadine, Alice, Maria, Bronwen, Jannika fußball geschaut. Es war sehr gut!(: x

Es i ar y bws i Dover, wedyn dal y cwch i Calais, wedyn gyrru trwy Ffrainc i Grünstadt. Cyrrhaeddom ni Grünstadt am 3 o'r gloch i cwrdd a ein phartneriaid. Roedd y taith bws yn ddoniol, ond yn hir iawn. Mae teulu Yaren yn neis iawn, rwyn caru nhw!♥ Es i i cwrdd a Alisia a Frankie wedyn gwyliodd ni pobl yn chwarae pel-droed gyda Susi, Bethan, Jana, Ffion, Alisia, Frankie, Nadine, Alice, Maria, Bronwen, Jannika Roedd e'n hwyl iawn!(: x

We went on the bus to Dover, caught the ferry to Calais, then drove through France to Grünstadt. We arrived there at three o'clock to meet our partners. The bus journey was fun, but REALLY long. Yaren's family are really nice, I love them!♥ We went to meet Alisia and Frankie then we watched people playing football with Susi and lots of other people, it was really fun!(: x

Jess xxxx


Ceri Anwen James said...

Dechrau da Jess
Gofala ddarllen drwy'r gwaith yn ofalus
Ar ôl "mit Frankie" mae angen berf "ge"
Mae angen priflythrennau ar bob enw hefyd - e.e. Bus, Schiff
Does dim collnod yn Almaeneg gydag enwau pobl - felly Yarens Familie sy'n gywir, er ei fod yn edrych yn od


Yo JJ! We miss you loads but sounds like you are having loads of fun. We all wish we were with you instead of here doing a packing job!!

Take care and have loads of fun. Megan's mum rang to tell me how to do the blog so hopefully it will work and you will be able to see this message. Give Yaren a big hug from us all and make sure you keep the blog updated so we know what you are up to.
Love you loads


Dear Mrs Bieber!

All of us here miss you loads and wish that the time could fly so you could come back sooner. After you went I was still crying for a bit but not for long. Hope you are having a fab time in Yr Almaen!Im so bored with out you,its not as fun at ALL!

Caitlin is sleeping over tonight to keep me company and just to say Justin Bieber was on telly with someone else advertising his new album My Worlds!(well its not really new but you know!)Since youve been gone there's been a lot of JB on telly your missing all of it!

Oh ye just to tell you I have a coin with Justin Bieber's enitials on it! Cant wait to see you miss you loads from


Jessica James said...

D'awwwwr!:') I miss ypu all too! Make sure you record EVERYTHING he is on! thaanks:) and make sure you keep that coin! I want it:) bahaa gutted:} Germany is BOILING but really fun:) we had a disco tonight which was really good, I learned loads of new words and met lots of new people:D see you soooon xx