Sonntag, Dydd Llun, Sunday

heute bin ich mit dem bus und mit der fähre gefahren durch Wales, England, Frankreich, Belgien und Deutschland. Es war langweilig. Ich habe "Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkeban" gesehen. Ich habe 5 stunden geschlafen.

Heddiw aethom ni ar bws a ferry. Aethom trwy 5 gwlad. Gwilion ni fideo ar y ffordd.

Today we went on the ferry and the bus. We watched Harry Potter. I slept for about 5 hours (hard to sleep with all the noise!) add a comment.

Jonathan Bryan


Neil Bryan said...

Glad you are all there safely and I am sure you must be shattered after that long journey.

I hope you have a great day tomorrow and don't get drunk on the wine!!

Speak soon

sarah bryan said...

yo bro how doing hope the family is nice good to hear that u are there safe and had a good journey and was the film good

have u ate all the chocies

love from laura

Hi mate
good to hear that you are all well. The group photo is great! It looks like you just heard a joke!!

Anyway have a great time at the vineyard, speak to you soon


Ceri Anwen James said...

Falch gweld bo dy deulu'n cadw mewn cysylltiad. Dechreuad byr ond effeithiol. Cei di fwy o gyfle i sôn am Grünstadt a dy bartner yfory.