Mannheim, Hassloch und Reptilium 4\10\07

Forgestern morgen, bin ich Mannheim geganger, es war gut. Bin ich Technik Museum gegangen, es war sehr langweilig. Bin ich Mannheim eingekauft. Habe ich geschenke gekauft.Es war sehr gut.Forgestern abends, habe ich pizza gegessen, es war sehr lecker.Bin ich disco gegangen mit meinem freunden, es war zeimlich gut.Gestern,Bin ich Hassloch gefahren, es war fantastisch. Bin ich GeForce gegangen,mit Gruff und Rhys, es war wunderbar. Habe ich hot dog gegessen, es war sehr lecker.Heute, bin ich Reptilium, Landau, Es war zeimlich langweilig.

Echddoe, Fe es i i Mannheim er mwyn mynd siopa ac i ymweld a'r amgueddfa technoleg.Roedd y'r amgueddfa fel Techniquest ond roedd lawer o pethau gwahanol, roedd yn eithaf diflas ond roedd siopa yn Mannheim yn gret roedden ni fod teithio mewn grwpiau o dri ac roeddwn i gyda Rhys a Gruff, Bwyton ni McDonalds ac prynais i anrhegion i fy nheulu.Ddoe teithion ni i Hassloch sydd yn parc enfawr fel Oakwood ond efo pethau llawer well yno, roedd yna rollercoaster o'r enw GeForce ac roedd yn mynd i lawr 83 gradd.Fe es i a Gruff ar GeForce 6 o weithiau roedd yn arbennig o dda.Prynais i lluniau o fy hun ar Geforce maen nhw'n ddoniol iawn.Heddiw aethon ni i Reptilium yn Landau, ac roedd llawer o ymlusgiaied rhyfeddol yno,roedd yna chawns i cyffwrdd a neidr ac crwbanod.Roedd rhai rhannau yn diflas ond roedd eraill yn bendigedig.

Two days ago I visited Mannheim which is a city not much smaller than Cardiff, we went to a museum much like Techniquest but with different experiments it was quite boring but some of it was fun.We put Ethan's glasses in a tube and sent them to another part of the museum by pumping air into a tube it was hilarious for us but not for Ethan.When we went shopping in Mannheim we saw a massive sports shop which had 7 floors. It was nice but everything was very expensive so we didn't buy much. The only thing I bought was laces for my shoes because as we were walking up the escalator my lace got stuck in it so I tripped and the laces ripped.Everyone found it funny but it was annoying for me.Yesterday we went to Hassloch which is similar to Oakwood but it has much better rides, one of which is GeForce which has a 83 degree drop, it only lasts 5 minutes but it is one of the best rides i have ever been on.I ate a hot dog with Gruff and Oliver and we went on this ghost train thing, Eleri and Gwen were in front of Gruff, Rhys and I and a man in a werewolf costume pointed at them and nodded his head then he jumped on them and all you could here was them screaming!
Today, we went to Landau to visit a Reptilium, it was quiter boring but we got to see many different animals and we even got to touch turtles and snakes. There were many different animals but my favourite was the poison dart frog because of it's unique colouring.

Hwyl Fawr

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Mum said...

Hi Matt

I know you've had problems with internet etc, so I was glad to see you finally managed to post your blog. You seem to think that everything was boring - perhaps I've wasted my money sending you on this trip????? Dad won't be impressed either! Anyway, I'm sure it was just because you were rushing and didn't put much thought into what you were saying. (at least I hope so!)

I hope Sylvain and his family liked their gifts and that they have enjoyed having you to stay. Make sure you thank them properly before you leave.

Will see you tomorrow - love you!

Mum xxx