Mannheim und Disko

Gestern war ich shoppen in Mannheim. Es war gut. ich habe nichts gekauft. Ich habe das Technik-Museum Speyer besichtigt. Es war interessant. ich habe pizza gegessen. Es war lecker. Danach habe ich in der disko getanzt. Es war super.

Ddoe aethom ni i Mannheim i siopa. Yn gyntaf aethom ni i'r amgueddfa technoleg. wedyn aeth pawb a'i phartneriaid i pizzeria lleol. roedd e'n flasus. yna aethom ni i'r disco. roeddwn i wedi siarad efo fy ffrindiau.

yesterday we went to Mannheim. First we went to the technology museum. It was very interesting. Then we went shopping. I didnt buy anything. Then we went to pizzaria. The pizza was very nice. Then we went to the disco. I talked to my friends for a lot of it.

Auf wiedersehen, Hwyl fawr, Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous day today at the theme park. On their website they say they have a roller coaster that has been voted the best roller coaster in the world for 4 years running! I expect lots of screams and shouts.

Hopefully when you get back tonight you will have loads and loads to wrte on your blog about the day you had. I will keep you updated on the Liverpool score but Cardiff really did throw it away.

I hope that Mathis and his family are well and you are all enjoying your stay with them.

Looking forward to your Hassloch blog later!!


sarah bryan said...

Hope you have a great day at the theme park. I will look out for your blog later.

Laura has a friendly tonight against Barry Town so I will let you know how she gets on later. Laura has been showing Nan your blog and she sends her love.

Speak to you later,

Love Mum xxx

Ceri Anwen James said...

Wir waren nicht in Speyer!