Guten Tag!

Kommen, heute morgen bin ich aufgestanden sehr früh. Nachmittags habe ich gespielt Fußball/Golf mit Sophia, Lisa und Lydia. Es war Super! Abends, ich habe gegessen Eisbecher im Cafe. Es war lecker. Ich liebe Eisbecher.


Heddiw, cerddon ni lan mynydd yn edrych ar gwinllan. Roedd e’n eithaf diddorol yn clywed am sut mae gwin yn cael eu creu...mae’n gwaith caled iawn! Wedyn aethon ni i ty perchenog rhai o’r caeau gwinllan ac cafon ni flasu’r wahanol fathau o grawnwin. Yn hwyrach heddiw mae Lydia a’i phartner yn dod i gwylio ffilm draw ty fi/fy partner.


Today we walk for about two hours through vineyards. Then we had a change to taste the different types of grapes and I also brought a bottle of Red Wine for my Mum and Dad : ) This afternoon was FUN! Lydia and her partner and her partners mum and me and my partner went to this football/golf place. It is a game like mini golf but played with footballs. I came second :) Later today when Sophia has finished her homework Lydia and her partner are coming over to watch a film.

Auf Wiedersehen!
Oddi Wrth


Ceri Anwen James said...

Berfau "ge" ar ddiwedd y frawddeg!

Anonymous said...

Hi my darling. Looks like you're having a lovely time and the sun is shining...which it's definitely not been here so you're not missing anything!

Say hi to all the family from me.
Dad says to be good, but if you can't be good be naughty, but I think he's joking!!

Have a great day tomorrow and take lots of photos!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

LiiA (: <33

hop3 your having a fabuliise timee

beeen doiin any weight lifting ?

Love you n missing you <3

bron xxx(:<33