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Ich habe Mannheim besucht. Es war sehr groß und fantastisch. Ich habe eine Digitalkamera in Mannheim gekauft. Ich habe das Landesmuseum in Mannheim besucht. Es war super und total gut. Ich habe Papier in dem Landesmuseum hergestellt. Ich finde das Landesmuseum total spitze. Meine Digitalkamera ist mein Lieblingseinkauf.

Fe aethon i Mannheim ddoe ond nid oedd digon o amser i sgwenu y blog ddoe fellu rwyf yn wneud o yn y bore yn lle. Wnes i prynu camera digidol newydd yn manheim ac mae yn arbenig. Rwyf ddim wedi gweithio allan sut i trosglwyddo lluniau ir blog. Yn Mannheim fe aethom ir Landesmuseum, roedd yn wych. Yna fe gathom cyfle i gwneud papur. Ar ol bod yn y Landesmuseum es i siopa yn manheim.

We went Mannheim yesterday it was amazing. In the morning we went to the museum in Mannheim the Landesmuseum, there we looked at all the experiments that were in the museum. We did all of them! One of them we all stood in a circle around a Vadegraph generator and we got an electric shock! After we the museum we went shopping in Mannheim, I bought a Digital camera for €89 it is very cool.



Dad said...

Dear Oli,
Thanks for the message. I have issued an international warrant for your arrest. You will probably be in prison when you get this message! Camera sounds cool though, I know that you have been saving for one for a long time and I expect that Germany is a good place to buy one!

Lewis' professional cricket career is still on track (in his mind only) because he has been asked to go to play in Malaysia.Do you think Bro Morg will mind if he has about 6 months off a year for the next 5 years.

Keep having a great time.


Mum said...

Famous quotes from history:- "I am going to come back from Germany with more money than I left with." Hmmmmm.
Maybe you could post a few photos with this marvellous new device.
What are you up to in the evenings?

Siwan Clark said...

Oli, edrych ar y comment ar blog cyntaf fi!
from Siwan