Hallo, heute habe ich den Weingarten besucht. ich habe Traubensaft getrunken und ich habe wein für meine Mutter gekauft. Es war interessant. Danach habe ich mit Nadine geschwommen und dann habe ich Nadine beim Tanzen zu gesehen. Es war Spaß.

Helo, heddiw fe wnes i ymweld ar gwinllan. Fel wnes i blasu sudd grawnwin ac fe wnes i cael cyfle i prynu gwin ar gyfer fy mam. Roedd y taith yn un diddorol. Wedyn fe wnes i mynd nofio gyda Nadine, ac ar ol hynny fe wnes i mynd i gwylio Nadine yn dawnsio mewn grwp. Roedd heddiw yn hwylus.

today i whent to the vineyard. i tasted grape juice and bought my mum some wine. it was an interesting trip. then i whent swimming with Nadine and after that i whent to watch nadine dancing. today was fun.

Bye Bye ! xxx


Anonymous said...

Hey Lydia.
Glad you are having a great time. I hope you are enjoying yourself and when you see my daughter tell her to hurry up and blog.

Take care

Love to you all


Gwenda said...

Glad you are having a good time. We are missing you loads. Kerrang is missing you too. Love you lots. Mum and Dad xxx