Ail ddiwrnod

Heute war sehr interessant. Ich habe die Weinburg besuchen. Es war spitze, die Wein war lecker, aber meine Fuße weh tun. Mittagessen war fantastisch, ich mag Deutsche Schokolade. Kathrin hat Gittare gespielt, sie ist sehr gut. Am funf Uhr ich werde nach die Schwimbad und das Ladens nach Bad Dürkheim gehen. Es wird wunderbar.

Roedd heddiw yn ddiddorol iawn. Es i i'r gwinllan. Roedd hi'n wych, roedd y gwin yn flasus, ond mae fy nhraed yn brifo ar ol yr holl gerdded! Roedd cinio yn ffantastic, rydw i'n hoffi siocled Almaeneg yn fawr. Roedd gan Kathrin gwers gitar, mae hi'n dda iawn. Am bump o'r gloch rydw i'n mynd i'r pwll nofio a'r siopau yn Bad Dürkheim. Bydd hi'n ardderchog.

Today was really interesting. I visited the vineyard. It was great, the wine was tasty, but my feet hurt from all the walking! Lunch was fantastic, I really like German chocolate. Kathrin had a guitar lesson after school, she is very good at it. We also went to a cafe for ice cream with two of Kathrin's friends. At five o clock I am going to a swimming pool and the shops in Bad Dürkheim. It'll be wonderful.

Amy, you better not be hogging my laptop, give Eddy a hug from me, having a better time than I thought I would so chill mum, xx


Michelle Richards said...

Hiya Charl - sounds like you are having a good time :-) Eddy is home and back to his usual happy self,so don't worry about him. Twink is off to guide camp tonight until sunday so 2 gone, only 2 to go lol. I'm taking Danny to see Monster Jam tomorrow. Like the photo of you outside the German school - big hugs love mum x

Alison Kelland said...

hi charlotte. if u c leanne try and tell her how to blog as she has failed to do it yet!! glad u r enjoying it x

Charlotte Richards said...

Hi mum, hope you're good too, got a lot more photos on camera xx

I'm seeing leanne tonight and we'll do it then :)