Letztes tag - Diwrnod Olaf - Last Day!

Guten Tagg! Heute, habe ich in SAP Areana gegangen. Es war sehr interessant. Danach, habe ich in Mannheim mit Charlotte, Siobhan, Leanne eingekauft. Ich habe fotografiert. Es war sehr sehr lustig und fantastisch! Danach, habe ich bolognese gegessen. Es war nicht so gut. Ich habe mit Siobhan, Charlotte und Leanne in der Disco getanzt. Es war prima und Siobhan es sehr gut Tänzer!!!!! x

Heloo! Heddiw, es i i'r SAP Aeana yn Mannheim. Roedd e'n ddiddorol iawn. Ar ol hyny, es i siopa gyda Charlotte, Siobhan ac Leanne yn Mannheim. Prynais anrhegion i fy nheulu. Cymerais llawer o luniau. Roedd e'n ddionol ac gwych iawn! Ar ol siopa, aethon ni i cael bwyd. Gefais bolognese, ond doeddwn i ddim yn ei hoffi llawer o gwbl. Dawnsias gyda Siobhan, Charlotte ac Leanne. Roedd e'n gwych ac mae Siobhan yn dawnswyr da IAWN IAWN!! x

Hiyyaa!! Today, I went to the SAP Areana. It was very interesting. After that, I went shopping with Siobhan, Charlotte and Leanne. It was amazing and very funny. I bought presents for my family. I think my mum will love what I've bought her ;). It was very good. I took plenty of pictures. My camera has about 350 pictures on it!!!!! After shopping we went back to our partners school and everyone ate pizza except fussy old me. I was given bolognese but it wasn't very nice. Then we had a Disco and I danced with Siobhan, Charlotte, Leanne and a few other random people. It was great and I discovered that Siobhan (Shevaun) is a VERY VERY good dancer!!!!! Home tomorrow though, can't wait to see you again Mum and Dad and family. Love you all. Also can't wait to see Tilly for the first time! x

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mum said...

glad you had good day at shops an can't wait to see all your photo's.tilly is gorgeous!dad anme went to a new reptile shop yesterday for reggi food an they have a meerkat running loose eating stray crickets!soo cute. see u soon love mum an dad xxxxxxxxxxx