Hallo! Heute, bin ich nach Holiday park mit, Karen,Bjoern,Katja, Sabby,Alex,Corrina,Catrin,Celyn und Bethan. es war ausgezeichnet. Ich habe Ge-force gemacht. Es war sehr sehr sehr gut. Ich habe einen photo gekauft.

helo, heddiw aethon ni i Holiday Park, gyda llawer iawn o phobl. Roedd hi'n dda iawn, aethon ni ar Ge- force roedd hi'n wych! Rydw i wedi prynu ffoto!

hello today we went to Holiday Park it was amazing, we went with lots of people, I went on Ge-force it was really good. I bought a picture..

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Sheryl said...

Another photo for your wall? fab! I've read the weather was awful for you but you made the most of it though. Lovely to read all the other blogs you seem to be having a great time, Kayla says hi and Connor is missing you!! I wonder what you have planned for tomorrow, sleep well love to Katja, Karen, Kristina & Susann xx

Love From
Mum, Dad & the Gang xxx

PS. Kate didn't win the apprentice, told you!!!!